Inventory soon .. learn how to do it

Annual inventory instructions


It is forbidden to buy or sell during the inventory, as shops and warehouses are closed until the inventory is over.
The number of the last supply and the last invoice shall be written, and this shall be noted in the record of the inventory process.
The items are arranged and grouped before the start of the inventory so that each item is in one place and it is forbidden to have the item in more than one place in the same store.
The product must be taken out of the boxes and removed from the shelves to ensure its presence and safety.
It is forbidden to have multiple inventory committees in one store and it is forbidden to transfer an item from one place to another during the inventory.
Work on the accounting system is stopped, and the inventory report is printed before the inventory to ensure any modification to the system during the inventory.
Inventory pages numbered and signed at the end of each page.
It is forbidden to estimate or assume, and when there is any doubt, the inventory is returned to the item whose quantity is doubtful.
The warehouse shall be handed over as custody to the inventory committee until the inventory is completed.
The inventory form is printed from the system according to the sequence of items in the system, and the inventory quantity is written in front of each item so that it is easy to enter the system later.
The store is divided into tracks or shelves, and the inventory starts from a specific corner, and the inventory ends there.
The shelf or bin that was inventory is marked.