Tax Services

• Tax Inspection

We have a specialized team to deal with all types of tax inspection in various stages, we have a strong 25-year-old relationship with most of the tax offices in Egypt, which makes our mission easier to offer corporate status regularization for our clients.
This includes the process of inspecting the tax return and the supporting documents and attending before the various offices and committees to give all responses and answers that the tax authority’s employees may request to save time for both taxpayer and the tax office and to obtain the best possible results in accordance with the tax laws and various executive instructions,
in addition to attendance before the appeals committees, reconciliation committees, dispute settlement committees, and experts of the Ministry of Justice.

• Preparation and Submission of Tax Returns

Preparation of tax returns is deemed one of the very substantial matters of future effects that may cause great harm to any company, so if the tax return submitted to the office is not in compliance with the laws and periodic executive instructions, then upon tax inspection, unpaid tax differences and an assessed interest may apply according to the tax laws, so be careful when preparing your tax return and review the executive instructions in order to avoid any clash with the tax office that may lead to a real crisis for your company. We, provide this service to our clients and follow-up with them continuously, prepare and submit tax returns of all kinds (income tax – value added tax – withholding and surcharge tax – stamp tax and earnings tax….) according to the established laws and executive instructions, to ensure the best results of tax inspection and to maintain the company stability.

• Tax Consultancy

We provide various tax consulting services through our specialized experts in various tax stages and through our relationship with the tax authority and its senior employees, to ensure that you are on track and to avoid mistakes that may cost your company an arm and leg.