Accounting Services

In any company, the financial and accounting system is one of the very important factors for success as it is the only way to measure the results of the company. The better is the accounting system you have, the easier is the task of making current and future decisions. So we provide many accounting services to our clients; starting from establishing an accounting system, keeping and writing down in the financial books, preparing bank and credit settlements, finalizing stock adjustment, preparing financial statements and performance indicators for companies. Moreover, we undertake the preparation of tax returns in accordance with the various tax laws in Egypt, as well as arranging a payroll and calculating the value of monthly social insurance.

All of the above is done by specialists with sufficient scientific and practical experience, and we aim, through providing these services to our clients, to reduce tension and confusion resulting from playing this very important role in behalf of any company, such role may cost you a lot of time, effort and money if you rely on an unqualified team that is not up to date with the accounting standards and local tax laws.